Employing workers in Japan the easy way.


NSR Provides an Employer of Record (EOR) Service in Japan NSR can employ and payroll your workers in Japan. We become the ‘Employer of Record’ meaning we take care of payroll, reporting, and compliance with local employment regulations.

In this way you can quickly hire or send employees to Japan without having to establish an entity.

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Immigration and Visa 

NSR is able to sponsor visas for international workers in Japan. Laws in Japan require employment to be localized. For companies looking to send employees to Japan we offer the Employer of Record (EOR) service to localize employment. With an EOR arrangement we re-hire your employee and become the employer of record in Japan. Employees under an EOR arrangement will maintain a normal working relationship with your company and typically retain the same employment status within the company. See our engagement model.

How it works 

After concluding a service agreement, NSR will prepare an offer of employment in accordance with your employment package determination. When the employee has signed the offer of employment, we can submit the paperwork to immigration for a Certificate of Eligibility (COE). For people outside Japan, a COE is a necessary document needed to apply for a resident visa.

Processing times for a COE is typically 3-4 months. However Americans receive preferential treatment, a COE can be approved in 1-2 months.

Once approved, the COE will be sent to the employee’s home. With the COE, the employee can go to the nearest Japanese consulate and apply for the entry visa. With the COE, it typically takes a week to receive the visa depending on the consulate processing times. Once the visa is received, your employee is ready to re-locate to Japan.

Re-location Support 

NSR offers re-location support as part of our service package. For international staff we can assist with finding housing, setting up utilities, school enrollment for family members, and getting acquainted with the neighborhood. Our re-location support is on-going as we can assist with interpretation for medical services as well as understanding official documents, mail, and other forms of life administration.

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